NESTRO Lufttechnik GmbH

Established in 1987, NESTRO operates from several sites across Europe and has over 250 employees. 
NESTRO designs and produces innovative air separation products and vacuum systems for sorting lightweight plastic films, paper and dust from heavy product fractions in the following markets – wood working, energy from waste and more recently waste plastic recycling.


 Sorting and disposal engineering

The NESTRO equipment is designed to retro-fit into existing recycling plant or for new plant installations. This provides a solution for lights separation and opens up opportunities to turn this type of waste into a recyclable resource. 
The NESTRO system’s is able to efficiently separate light fractions from bulky waste streams, such as the removal of plastic films from rigid packaging items.

Nestro offers following equipments:

  • Air Sifter (consist of a blowing nozzle and a sucking hood)
  • Separator Lock (is used to intercept and differentiate the light materials that are taken from the air stream)
  • Jet-Filter (is a secondary filter to separate dust from the air straem)
  • Ventilation (Nestro-Fresh-Air-System is all equipped with the necessary airduct , airoutlet, filter for air conditioning and heating system)
  • Chipping machine
  • Briquetting System
  • Container